“We are not interested in love, we want to eat” Aphrodite said about Mario and Carolina’s romance

The meeting between Marios Priamos Ioannidis and Karolina Kalyva is something that still concerns some players.

In the episode of Tuesday, January 24, Aphrodite Skafida expressed her annoyance with the attitude of the Blues towards both Priamos – Kalyva, as well as Marialena Roumeliotis and Saki Katsoulis.

Speaking to the reality camera and in a related discussion with Asimina Hatziandreou, the Reds player said:

“What saddens me the most is the laxity of the blues in the possibility of penalties. they didn’t understand the gravity of the events, that one of their players is meeting with one of our players or rather two of their teammates with two of our players because we dealt more with one unfortunately…”

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In her turn, Asimina Hatziandreou commented: “We all have six spoons a week for 13 people and it’s very important.”

“Unfortunately, the only ones who took a seat are from our team. Everyone was talking about love, we don’t care about love guys, we care about eating. Another thing is that we knew and didn’t talk, which means that we were partially covering for them, but we will all pay for it. If production starts ringing bells and they’re cutting commissions and stuff, they’re the first ones to vote for them.” her teammate continued.

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