Winter sales: Time to bake for a new kitchen

The appliances you choose for your kitchen are one of your biggest investments, as they equate to the functionality you want to enjoy in your everyday life. From energy saving to high-end models, finding the right kitchen can be a difficult process.

But don’t worry, as you can find the one that suits you best, at an extremely favorable price, through the endless variety of SHOPFLIX.GR in kitchens while you will receive it effortlessly at your door, on time, wherever you are in the country, thanks to the guaranteed and timely delivery of the platform.

Now is your chance to take advantage of the possibilities winter sales and don’t forget that your purchases are easier than ever, since with SHOPFLIX.GR you can get everything you want (no matter what it costs) with up to 60 interest-free installments.

What to think about before choosing your kitchen

Before you start your search, think about how you cook, whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook. The kitchen you choose can have a big impact on how you cook.

Conventional stoves tend to use more energy, but more experienced cooks prefer them because of the even distribution of heat and can usually cook their food faster and with more control. For those interested in buying electric cooker or stove, there are many options: induction cooker, electric cooker and gas cookers all have their pros and cons, their unique features that make them stand out.

Most novice cooks appreciate electric cookers as they heat up slowly while more experienced cooks prefer induction cookers as they have features such as quick heating and have the ability to cook under precise conditions.

To help you out, here are five top kitchens to choose from this sale season that won’t disappoint:

Beko Gas Cooker FSE52320DXD Inox

The Beko Gas Cooker has natural gas stoves, which consist of the kitchen eyes and a metal frame that supports the cookware. This is an ideal choice for pan cooking and especially for wok recipes.

Its flame is visible and its size can be adjusted at any time, for safe cooking. It has a mixed oven, i.e. it works with natural gas and the grill with electricity.


It has energy class A and an oven capacity of 55lt. Choose from six different cooking modes and see the temperature through its digital display.

Buy it from €301.91 or from €8.39 / month in 36 interest-free installments with a credit card

Siemens HK9R30050 Kitchen with Ceramic Hobs

The modern Siemens HK9R30050 cooker with ceramic hobs speeds up cooking time thanks to quick preheating. With 4-burner ceramic base, digital display and recessed switches.

It has 7 operating modes: 3D hotAir Plus, Top & Bottom Heating, Combination of hot air with grill, Pizza step, Bottom heating, Gentle grilling, Large grill and a door with an inner surface made of crystal for easy cleaning.


The included equipment has a stop function for safe cooking and to prevent falling, a 10 lt enamel deep pan, a grill and a universal pan.

Buy it from €699.00 or from €14.56 / month in 48 interest-free installments with a credit card

AEG CCB6642BBM 73lt Kitchen with Ceramic Hobs

With the AEG kitchen you enjoy ceramic hobs with a smooth and glass surface, which changes to red when heated. Their advantages, compared to the classic ones, are that they heat up very quickly and are easier to clean.

However, be careful when cleaning them to avoid scratching them. It has a telescopic mechanism, which helps you to put in and take out the racks easily and safely.


The capacity of the oven is 73lt and it is equipped with submersible switches and a digital display, to see the temperature and the cooking mode.

Buy it from €769.00 or from €16.02 / month in 48 interest-free installments with a credit card

Kitchen Pitsos PHC009150 66lt with Inox Ceramic Hobs

With the Pitsos ceramic cooker with 4 burners you enjoy seven different cooking modes, ThermoFlow for simultaneous cooking on 3 levels, Top and Bottom heating, ThermoGrill, Pizza ThermoFlow, Bottom heating, Hot air/gentle grilling, Large grill.

It has a door with an inner surface made of crystal for easy cleaning and a new system for easy removal of door crystals.


It is equipped with a spacious utensil storage drawer with a matte inner surface, a 10 lt enamel deep pan, a grill and a universal pan.

Buy it from €538.92 or from €11.23 / month in 48 interest-free installments with a credit card

Kitchen Ceramic Bosch HKR 39C250

The Bosch electric cooker with ceramic hobs distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, giving you the ability to cook on up to three levels at the same time. Sweet and savory dishes can be cooked at the same time without the flavors mixing.

With EcoClean Direct, the energy-saving auxiliary cleaning system, cleaning the oven becomes an easy task. Almost no cleaning is required thanks to a special coating on the back wall that automatically absorbs dirt.


It has a six-place ceramic hob, a door with a crystal inner surface for easy cleaning, a self-cleaning catalytic back wall, 7 cooking functions, a mechanical timer and much more.

Buy it from €539.00 or from €11.23 / month in 48 interest-free installments with a credit card

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