World Education Day (24/01): The company that advances knowledge and takes it to MIT and CERN

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Plaisio Computers is always looking for ways to develop and evolve, to stand by society, but also to be an influential pole that will firmly place technology in our lives and especially in the new generations. Thus, it is not just helping students in need (for example the donation of all school supplies to the 3,089 students of North Evia after the devastating fires of 2021). But, with strategy and vision, it tries to include technology in Education, through various projects and competitions that stand out for their originality and their appeal.


So, in December 2020 the competitive robotics team Plaisiobotswhich was created on the initiative of Plaisio and the CEO of the company himself, Costas Gerardou, exclusively by children of the company’s partners, took part in the World Robotics Olympiad in South Korea and won first place and the gold medal for Greece thanks to creativity and talent of the children, who built the “Buddy the Cane’ a robotic cane aimed at the visually impaired. That gold medal was the occasion to organize the 1st Open Call Competition “Plaisiobots: The Race”, in order to highlight robotics and its application in the context of entrepreneurship. The pupils and students who participated, experienced all the stages of the implementation of an idea, from its initial thinking and design to the construction and programming of a final prototype that can go into production, connecting for the first time the concept of “Steam Education » with that of entrepreneurship. The three teams that stood out in the final won the ticket to Boston, specifically to MIT and other technology start-ups, where they came into contact with amazing stimuli.


The success of the contest was such that its continuation came naturally. “Plaisiobots: The Race 2.0” was announced in October 2022 and attracted a lot of interest from the first days, as more than 600 Middle and High School students – who did not need to have a background or knowledge of Robotics – signed up. Already, during this period (and after the submission of entries) the first phase of the competition has been completed, that of the online courses in which 329 students participated. In it, programming courses were held by World Robotics Champion, Diana Voutirakou, in C# language and Unity environment. Participating students learned about variables and how to declare them, the select structure, the iteration structure, how to create an environment in Unity and the Update() and Start() functions, how to create players and move them to a virtual game. At the end of the lessons they were able to design and program their own game with one player moving in 3D space.


The very interesting thing about the whole experience is that children without any prior knowledge enjoyed participating in the exciting world of robotics. For example, a student participating in the competition, Niki M., mentions the following. “I really enjoyed coming into contact with programming and discovered my interest in it. Also, that I learned the basics of it well and now I’m able to make a simple game in Unity.”

Hopefully, then, we are just around the corner for the second phase of the competition (starting in February 2023), where students will be divided into groups of 3-4 children and begin training at the partner Training Centers in 17 different cities across the Hellas.


There, they will create their own themed prototypes “Robotics improves human life”. The team that wins the competition will live an exciting educational experience in CERN, Switzerlandthe largest European Nuclear Energy and Particle Physics Laboratory, and at other leading universities and companies in the country.

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