Zakynthos: Problems from the bad weather – Closed roads and landslides

The continuous and intense rain in Zakynthos since early morning has caused many problems.

Several areas, according to imerazante, are inaccessible due to flooding. In particular, on the main road of Laganas, the passage of vehicles is almost impossible and for this reason, those driving there are asked to choose another route or to be especially careful.

The picture is the same in the area of ​​Agrilia that is flooded. Also, in Agios Dimitrios, the road from the Plakaki area to the Stergioti paddock has been closed.

See video and photos:

Zakynthos |  Problems from the flood in Lagana and Agrilia

Also, just outside of Argasi and towards Vassiliko, landslides occurred and great caution is requested for the drivers who drive there, while they have been placed by the P.E. Zakynthos protective signs.

See video and photos:

Zakynthos |  Landslide in Argasi after heavy rain


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