Zelensky: His wife’s touching post on his birthday – “I wish you to smile”

The best gift for the 45th birthday of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky his wife Olena did today, as did the US and Germany, which announced the dispatch of tanks to his war-torn country.

THE Elena Zelensky she uploaded on social media a photo of the couple, in old happy times and wished him a wholehearted “Happy Birthday”.

In her post on Instagram, the “First Lady” of Ukraine writes characteristically: “I am often asked how you have changed this year. And I always say. It hasn’t changed. He is himself. The same person I met when we were seventeen… But something has changed about you: now you smile less… I wish you more reasons to smile. And you know what it takes. We all know”.

After wishing her husband on his birthday, she then Zelenska addressed the Ukrainian people by pointing out the following: “He has enough stubbornness. The main thing I want is for him to stay healthy. So stay healthy, please! I want to always smile with you. Give me this chance!”, emphasized the “First Lady” of Ukraine.

A few days after her husband’s birthday, it’s her turn. On February 6, Olena will blow out 45 candles.

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